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    Updating with global variable in autosys

    How to update the global variable (response) by calling that function(talk) within the same class. Seeing that you have unneeded trailing semicolons in each line I can safely assume that you're new to Python. Well, there is this class attribute (response) which I need to update in the function in the way shown above.

    BTW, I have been coding in Java and yes I'm new to Python but I like the use of semicolons.

    In python, i have a function that returns a list of the latest links(to folders) on a website.

    I also have another function that downloads the latest files from those folders. I have a global list with the folder links that the download function accesses everytime it runs for the latest folders.

    "; # class atribute def change_talk(self, response): # class methods always get `self` (the object through which they are # called) as their first argument, and it's commons to call it `self`. " XYZ_inst_2 = XYZ() ## New instance has the same response as the previous one: XYZ_inst_2.talk() #"Hi Anand! " class XYZ2(object): # you must initialise each instance of the class and give # it its own response: def __init__(self, response="Hi Pranjal! " XYZ_inst_2 = XYZ2() ## new instance has the default response: XYZ_inst_2.talk() #"Hi Pranjal! " Finally, if you really want to have a global variable (which is not really advised as for changing whatever is outside the class instance you should pass it as an argument to the method changing it): # global variable created outside the class: g_response = "Hi Pranjal!

    I understand for using self, I need to pass an object but I can't create an instance of the class inside the same class right? Then I want to call that function from within the same class. There are different things that you could be trying to do, and you probably need to research a little bit more about python itself, but let's see if this helps: If you want to have a class whose instances share a common response, you can have something like this: class XYZ(object): response = "Hi Pranjal!

    I want to update that global list every five days and keep it static for the next 5 days i run the code until it updates again.

    Its sort of like this: So I want the update function to run every 5 days(I know how to do that) and the download function to run everyday.

    I wanted to call those methods from within the same class which I later figured out is meaningless.

    (version of python is 3.4.4) I'm not able to follow correctly.

    What should be your expected output and what are you getting?

    F1000 -- File watcher job look for filename_F1000 job starts after completion of S1000 as we set the dependency.

    As per todays(Job ran on 20170322) case, S1000 sets the global variable to 20170322 at AM.

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